Friday, July 15, 2016

Planter Project

Hello again, thanks for stopping by! For this post I thought I would show you the little project I tackled today! I only had a few hours in between shifts so I thought this would be fun and quick to do (I am currently in the middle of a long stretch of nights). On Father's Day weekend my parents came up to visit. My dad, being the wonderful father he is, decided that he was going to build me a deck (I know - for Father's day he got ME a deck! HAH!). He has been talking about how we need a deck for ages and so he just bit the bullet and did it! It turned out great and we LOVE it! Both Scott and I, as well as Roscoe, always sit out there and just enjoy that we now actually have a deck! It definitely needed a little bit of life though so I thought, why not make a planter for out there. Using the word "make" may be a stretch, as really all I did was put some plants in a tub but, hey, I kind of made it!
The finished project!

Here is the deck before (Bella photo-bombed me):
The first step in my project was actually getting the drill from out of the barn. I am TERRIFIED of spiders and there were loads of big, ugly, hairy ones guarding the entrance to the barn:
You may not be able to see them in that picture but trust me, they were there...
Gross! Just looking at that picture makes me feel like they are crawling on me! Anyway, I digress. I managed to get the drill now on to the next part.

A few years ago I picked up a small metal tub at a flea market. It's been sitting in my basement ever since so I'm happy I found a purpose for it. *Side note: I LOVE flea markets - you know the saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure"? Well that totally applies to me. I am always on the lookout for antiques or other cool treasures that I can turn into nice, decorative pieces.*

The first thing I did was drill some holes into the bottom of the tub so that water could drain out.
Next step - fill the tub with compost (AKA cow poop):

Now all that was left was to add the flowers. Someone had given me an assortment of flowers at the first of the summer. I planted some in my flower beds but the rest have been sitting in buckets ever since (I'm actually surprised they're still alive). So I decided that this would be the perfect place to use a few more of them.

And voila! They aren't really the ideal plants to put in such a small planter but it's all that I had and there isn't much of the growing season left anyway. Next spring I will probably change them for some prettier annuals but for now, I think it looks pretty darn good!
 The milk can was also kicking around without a home. It's actually from Scott's family farm so it is a little piece of his history as well as being pretty. I'm happier with how the deck looks now, although I'm still not content. It's such a small space that if I add too much decoration I think it would just look tacky. Also, I know that what you see of the house looks kind of shabby. It is a really old house (talking 150+ years) and unfortunately we haven't been able to do anything to the exterior yet. In one of my upcoming posts I will have a tour of the farm so you will get a better look at the whole house and what our future plans are!

I know this was not rocket science but I thought you might like to see how I made it! Remember - I am not a super DIY-er or a great gardener but I do have fun doing it!

Have a great day and see you on my next post!

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