Thursday, August 18, 2016

Workout Wednesday

Lately, I have been addicted to a few different health and fitness blogs. They are mainly runners, but they touch on a variety of topics. Some of my favorite posts to read are about their training. Whether it be from one day or a weeks worth, I just like to see what others are doing to stay healthy and fit! Today I thought I would share a "Workout Wednesday" post. It's pretty self explanatory, it's the workout I did on Wednesday. I know I just posted something similar to this in last weeks Sunday Brunch but bear with me, I promise there will be a farm related post coming next week.

Yesterday, being Wednesday, I went to CrossFit. The group that I workout with always meet up Monday, Wednesday, Friday and occasionally Saturdays. I did a slightly altered workout than the rest of the group due to my hip injury but I made sure it was just as tough! Here is what was scheduled:

Strength - Bench 5x5 @ 90#
            15 Thrusters @ 65# (I did High hang powercleans + push press)
            50 Double unders

I started by warming up and doing some mobility work then moved on to strength. I am only doing bench right now because squatting and deadlifts are a no-go, they hurt too much. Todays programming had me doing 5 sets of 5 repetitions at 90 pounds. I came down with a cold a couple days ago and unfortunately I definitely felt it during my workout. My warmup sets, which I did a few reps at 45, 65 and 85 pounds, felt tough so I new it was going to be a struggle to get through all 5 sets of 5. I was right - it sucked. The first set felt terrible and it didn't get any better as the sets went on. I made sure to take lots of rest in between sets and still got a good pause at the bottom of each rep but it was hard. I am glad I struggled through it though and successfully completed all 5 sets because when I am healthy again, that weight will be so much easier!

The WOD was equally suck-tastic. It is amazing how after 3 years of CrossFit, I still always underestimate the workouts. We all looked at this workout and said "oh 3 rounds, easy!". Boy, were we wrong. It was a lung burner for sure and by the time I was finished my grip was toast. The weight was light but hanging onto the bar for that long was difficult. I finished in 8:03 (8 minutes 3 seconds) so it was longer than expected but I felt so much better after finishing. It helped clear my head for a little while and the post-workout euphoria always has me coming back for more!

Today I am still feeling crappy from being sick but I am also sore as hell. My shoulders, traps and back are wrecked! I had planned to do another lighter workout tonight, just an easy 3km run, but I think I am going to take a rest day and relax. I may take Roscoe for a walk and I have a lot of housework to do before we go away for the weekend, so a rest day is needed.

I hope you enjoyed this Workout Wednesday post. See you next time!
*This post was inspired by Wild Workout Wednesdays linkup by Jen at Pretty Little Grub, Nicole at Fitful Focus, Annmarie at The Fit Foodie Mama, and Michelle at Fruition Fitness.*


  1. Everytime I see a body-weight WOD at CrossFit, I'm all, "Awesome! This will be a cinch." And then 10 minutes later, I'm dying and swear I'll never underestimate a bodyweight WOD again. Sore for days! haha Thanks for linking up for Wild Workout Wednesday!

    1. Haha, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one! Thanks for hosting it, I will definitely be linking up again!