Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Brunch: August 21st, 2016

Hey there and welcome back for another Sunday Brunch (minus the brunch)! This has been a pretty busy week (end) so lets get right to it. Oh, but first, just a little heads up, this post is loaded with pictures, I just couldn't help myself!

Monday to Friday was your typical work week. I came down with a cold (ahem, thanks Scott :) on Tuesday and I am still stuck with it. I am definitely feeling better than I was but its turned into a bit of laryngitis now so that's just dandy! Wednesday after work, Scott and I went out for supper with our friends Stefan and Heather to celebrate Heathers birthday since we were not going to be around on the weekend for her party.

Friday after work Scott and Roscoe picked me up and we headed to Nova Scotia for my cousins wedding. As I have said before, I grew up in NS and my parents and all of my family live there as well, so that's where we were headed. We didn't arrive until late, around 10pm, as Scott didn't get off work until 5 and we had to make a few pit stops for Ros.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and headed out kayaking. Where I am from there are tons of great places to go exploring so we started out in the river in Harpellville and eventually made our way to the ocean! There was quite a group of us; my parents, brother, aunt, a couple of friends of the family and Scott and I, 8 in total. It was such a beautiful morning for it. We went up river first and into a couple of small brooks then turned around once the tide came in and headed down river to the ocean. This was my first time ever kayaking and I was nervous that I would tip it over but I actually did pretty good, I even managed to beat Scott and my brother, Colin, in a race (not really but it was close!). It was super calm on the river but when we got to the ocean the wind came up a bit. It wasn't bad but it was windy enough that we didn't venture out too far. While we were floating around in the mouth of the river we did see a lot of seals though. It was so cool! They were popping up all over the place and actually came pretty close to our kayaks. Scott had never seen a seal that close before so he was pretty excited.
Scott, exploring one of the little inlets
The crew
My brother - Colin
"The Shanty's"

Back on solid land
After a couple of hours of kayaking we headed back to where we had left the trucks. The wedding was at 3pm so we went back home to get ready. This was the first wedding of the season for Scott and I so it was fun to get all dressed up. The wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom looked amazing. It was such a fun night, dancing and spending time with family and old friends. It was a blast from the past for me as there were quite a few people there that I hadn't seen since high school graduation (and that wasn't yesterday!). My cousin, Cody and his new bride, Brittany, got married and had their reception in the same venue that Scott and I did so it brought back lots of memories from our wedding day too! We danced until they kicked us out, it was so much fun but I am feeling it today!
This morning, once we finally all got up and at em', Scott and I took Roscoe and my families dog, Baylee, to the beach to play. They had been stuck inside for most of the evening on Saturday so they had some energy to burn. It was so funny, Roscoe LOVES to swim but he didn't care too much for the big waves. He would run out until he met a wave breaking and then turn around and hightail it back!
The ocean is my happy place

He was only a little happy!
My two loves

Ros and Bay

It was such a great weekend but not long enough (they never are). I am already looking forward to coming back to NS next weekend with our friends Heather and Stefan and baby Avery for more fun and sun!

On another note, I wanted to mention that I decided I am going to start a "mini cut". This weekend kicked off wedding season for Scott and I so I know there will be lots of food and drinks in the near future. Before all this starts I want to get my diet back on track. I have been doing pretty good during the week but I am still not good enough. I don't plan on losing any significant amount of weight I just want to get feeling healthy again and I thought I would share the process on here to help keep me accountable. I will do a more detailed post on this on Thursday so stay tuned for that.

Have a great week!

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