Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pickles and Chickens

That seems like a strange combination doesn't it? But that is what my last 2 days consisted of. Monday was the day that our chickens went to, well, you know...the butcher. It made for a very busy day.

Scott dropped the chickens off first thing in the morning. Oh sorry, let me correct that; Scott was supposed to drop the chickens off first thing in the morning, 7am to be exact. Someone, not mentioning any names (starts with R and rhymes with Brachel), said she had booked him in for 7 but turns out she forgot to. So Scott didn't end up getting out of there until 9:30. He had to rush straight to Walkers for work and I had to go with him to take his truck for the day (as my car was getting an oil change). While at the farm with him I picked a crate of pickling cukes. Scotts parents were coming over Monday evening to teach me the art of pickling (not sure if it's an art, but it's something)!
Once I was done there I went home and got straight to tidying up the farm. We had a few people coming that evening to pick up chickens and you know what they say, first impressions are everything. I mowed, whipper snipped and picked up some things we had lying around. I also cleaned up the house as they would likely be coming inside at some point. I have to say, the place is really starting to come together!
The cutest little pup!
As soon as I was done with all that I had to rush to pick up the chickens. The plant where we had them all done is about 25 minutes from home. It was 4pm when I left to get them and I had to be back home, chickens in hand, by 5:30. To say I was rushed is an understatement. This was my first time visiting the chicken plant and I was impressed. It's a nice facility and they did a great job on the chickens. They were clean and packaged in sealed bags - very professional. I did run into a bit of a strange bird while I was there, picking up her "organic chickens" - a story for another time! Once I got out of there I hurried back home and arrived at the exact same time as the first customer! I weighed all the chickens and stored what we weren't selling that evening in our freezer as well as some in Scott's parents.I then went to pick up scott from work and made it back home again in time to learn how to pickle!
This doesn't include all the ones we had already sold plus the ones in Scott's parents freezer.
This year all I wanted to learn was how to make mustard pickle. I am not a big fan of pickles in general but I do love this kind. Scott's parents were kind enough to take on the task of teaching me. I knew that pickling took time but I didn't realize how much time - it is a PROCESS! It took two evenings, about 2 hours each night, to make around 18 jars of pickles. I guess it's not so bad when you consider the fact that they should do us at least the next year. Our next project is grape jelly! Phil and Charlene (Scott's parents) are coming to help me again sometime next week. We have a large grape vine on the fence out front of our house. Mom picked a bunch last year and made delicious jelly, so now I want to try. I know, I'm like a 70 year old in a 27 year old body...pickling and making jelly. What can I say, I'm an old soul! Anyway, I will keep you posted on how the jelly making process goes! Chat next time!


  1. these look so yummy!! I want some!!!

    1. If I ever actually remember to bring one to work for you, you'll have one!

  2. Great job Lindy. Looking forward to one of those chickens and a bottle of pickles!

    1. You're going to have a freezer full very shortly :) and maybe a bottle of pickles if I can part with them...